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Price of test £100

Edgbaston Private Medical Practice is now able to offer testing for Covid-19 antibodies, the test is carried out in our partner laboratory. The laboratory provides the approved ROCHE Covid-19  IgM / IgG antibody test. The Roche coronavirus antibody test is 99% accurate and is approved for use by Public Health England. It has also been given the CE mark so shows it complies with EU safety rules.

The test looks for specific IgM and IgG antibodies, which appear during an  immune reaction. IgM antibodies  are triggered by an acute immune response and IgG antibodies are produced by an established immune response.

At this time, the global scientific community is still assessing the meaning of the detection of antibodies in our fight against Covid and there is divided opinion on whether antibodies confer immunity. Therefore this test can inform someone if they have contracted Covid-19 in the past but at present cannot confirm if they are immune.

The test can only be carried out at a minimum of 14 days after symptoms started.

The COVID-19 Antibody test requires a blood sample to be taken at our practice before being sent the same day to our partner laboratory.

COVID Antibody Test Specifications

Type of Test: Lab based antibody test

Accuracy of Test: 99.9% Sensitivity for presence of antibodies

Turnaround Time of Test: 1 working day

Cost of GP Consultation and Test: £100


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